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Printing X-Press was established in 1979, as a family owned copy shop.  In our first year all our work was produced on a small offset duplicator called a Ryobi 2800.

Sales in the first year, 1980, fell just short of $50,000.  Now, after steady and consistent growth over the last 36 years our annual sales volume is very near the 3 million dollar mark.  Our first year’s annual sale is usually obtained in just two days.  During this time the workforce has grown from just 4 employees to twenty employees, yielding one of the most efficient sales to employee ratios in the Texas printing market.  Through the years with the constant change in the economic climate, market demand, and drastic changes in technology we always kept our company in a position to adapt and grow with the changing environment.  Our client base consists of many different non-profit organizations as well as small and mid-size businesses and some large corporate work.  We are a very efficient and cost effective offset printer pure and simple.  Our niche market includes newsletters, small publications, programs, annual reports, post cards, flyers, brochures and all stationary needs from one color to 5-color printing and in quantities from 500 to 25,000.  Review our equipment list and you will notice some of the most state of the art printing equipment used today in the printing world.  We look forward to the opportunity to help your company or organization with your printing requirements and to enhance your image.

Who is Printing-X-Press

We want to provide quality, economical and fast service for whatever your need in the promotion and marketing of your business or non- profit organization.
At Printing-X-Press are foremost priority is to partner with your business or non profit organizations in our community and provide outstanding’ customer first’ service that will help your organization grow and succeed.
During the process from the start to the finish and through the good and even sometimes the bad we want you to always feel like you our client were treated fairly and the utmost respect.

A Few Of Our Happy Clients

Our Services

Our Areas of Expertise

Printing-X-Press has an in-house design team in order to provide value added service to our clients who require design and copy writing. No matter if your project is corporate or “funky” style, with the combined skill sets of Printing-X-Press and our design team, we guarantee a smile on your face.

Printing and Binding completed in house
Printing / Binding
The whole production process is completed in-house, fully co-ordinated by our sales team who work with our experienced production and quality control teams to ensure your projects are carefully handled and delivered on time.


Printing-X-Press has its own trucking team and our shipping division works closely with local forwarders, to guarantee the best shipment schedule for your job.

International Distruibution

If you have problems in handling distribution worldwide, we can help. Our distributor handles factory to household distribution and bulk delivery to different locations globally. Save your time and energy in sourcing a trustworthy supplier.

File Uploads

To use our upload system simply drag your files into the blue box. We can accept 10 files at a time with a 1000 Mb limit per file. Only after each file is uploaded with the percentage bar at 100% and you fill out ALL your upload specs can you push SAVE.

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After file is selected/or dropped in the blue box, there will be file specs to fill in for each file.

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Thanks to the convenience of our new drag-and-drop online file transfer module, there’s no need to make special trips just to deliver a disk. You can easily send files from your computer to ours in a matter of minutes.


Before trying to upload your files please click and read the Upload Instructions to the left.

UPLOAD File max size: 1000mb
File types: jpg,png,pdf,zip,mov,mp4
Files allowed: 10
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